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How to Choose Cheap Stock Footage for Commercial

If you have a limited budget to conduct your own video shoot, you should consider cheap stock footage for your commercials. It is cheap and available for immediate use. You do not have to worry about production costs, travel expenses and talent fees. It also leaves less carbon footprints. Plus, there are a number of stock footage in the market. You will have a lot of options to whichever suits your creative needs and budget.


Due to the overflowing amount of cheap stock footage in the Internet, you need to take your time choosing the best for your creative projects. You should take your time looking for the cheapest way possible to supplement your own films. Most stock media agencies allow you to preview the video clip, so choose carefully where your money goes. Here are some tips on how to use stock footage for commercials:

  • Sign up for a stock media agency. The Internet offers a great number of stock media sites that sell high quality and cheap stock footage. Most allow you to sign up for free until you decide to make a purchase with credits. To get value for your money, sign up for reputable sites that allow you to access their video collection for free. Then, search for the footage that you want, expand your choices, and buy credits only after you have selected one.
  • Set a criteria for selection. When selecting cheap stock footage, you should set some criteria that you should adhere to. It will help you find the perfect video clip for your creative needs. A great criteria is individuality and the ability to capture your audience‚Äôs attention. You can also select humorous videos to give people a good laugh. Another criteria you should consider is clear distinction in camera and object movement.
  • Select cheap stock footage with good performance. Seriously, the object of the video should have talent in acting. Just like any good movie, the talents should have performance that looks and feels natural. Make sure that the acting is believable. Many stock footages have a sheer amount of bad acting. Do not select footage that looks staged.
  • Lighting is important too. Lighting plays an important role in displaying a presentation in a crisp and clear way. Excellent lighting has the perfect blend of look and ratio within a specific shot. Many artists have broad knowledge of camera tricks and equipment to make use of lighting. Make sure you get your cheap stock footage from them.

When selecting a video clip for commercials, you need to remind yourself of these important tips. They will not only help you find the best source of cheap stock footage but also make sure you get one that is perfect for your creative needs and budget.