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Dollar Photo Club Spills its Secrets

dpc logoDollar Photo Club is a members-only stock photo website that provides access to high-resolution photos for the low price of one dollar. It promises that there are no hidden charges or exceptions to the rule. Here are the secrets to Dollar Photo Club’s success.

It is part of Fotolia

Dollar Photo Club is part of Fotolia, which is the most popular stock photo marketplace. Since there is a close connection with Fotolia, Dollar Photo Club can provide its members with access to the best stock photos available.

The membership is limited

Although this principle may seem exclusionary, it is beneficial to its members. Since the number of members is kept low, Dollar Photo Club can more easily provide high-quality service to its most active users.

Dollar Photo Club Closed


At this time, Dollar Photo Club is servicing the maximum number of users it can. Accepting more members at this time would hinder the superior service they provide. To remain at the top of their field, Dollar Photo Club is currently closed to new members.

Dollar Photo Club Alternatives

People who are interested in obtaining stock photos and other images have another great option. Since Dollar Photo Club is not accepting new members, those looking for an alternative of Dollar Photo Club with amazing stock photos at reasonable prices can now use Adobe Stock.

What is Adobe Stock

adobe-stock-logo (2)Adobe Stock is a new service from software developer giant Adobe that allows users to browse, choose and purchase high-quality and high-resolution stock photos and other images at a reasonable price.

Benefits of Adobe Stock

There is no limit to the number of people allowed to use Adobe Stock. So, it is the perfect option for anyone who missed out on joining Dollar Photo Club. Adobe Stock gives users access to over four million images that can be licensed and used for both personal and business purposes.

Adobe Stock works with Creative Cloud Libraries

Adobe Stock works within your Creative Cloud applications such as Photoshop CC, InDesign CC, and Dreamweaver CC. Since Adobe Stock is integrated into these applications, you can browse for the perfect image, place a watermarked sample directly into your project, manipulate it in whatever way you want, and then see a sample of your final product. Once you are satisfied with the image, you can purchase it, and a high-resolution version will appear where the watermarked image was. So, you will never again have to pay for an image only to find out that it won’t work after-the-fact. Adobe Stock even lets you pay for the image from the Creative Cloud app.

If you missed out on joining Dollar Photo Club, there is no need to worry. Now there is Adobe Stock. Check it out. You can get your first 10 images for free, so act now.